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Moo Moo Tuggers








The "Udder"Toy

   Created by Kat for Your Dog                                                                    

Moo Moo Tuggers are made from Rubber Milk Machine  Inflators, or liners with a rope core.  They are incredibly durable and will withstand an amazing amount of hard bites.  Great for Training.  You will be pleased with the amount of excitement your dog will show with this tug toy.  My dogs will bate better with the tugger then they will with liver treats, etc.  And they have that true "Udder" Essence straight from the Cow that dogs can't resist. 



With the rope handle they can easily be flung long distances for fetching/retrieving games.

This is an interactive toy you and your dog will love. 

The Toy Your Dog Loves to Bite!!



It will quickly become their favorite toy.



Dishwasher/washer safe.  Easily cleaned after hard use.



$10  Each  (Includes Shipping and Handling0

Wholesale Prices Available for Orders of 10 or more.

Available with or without Fringe.

Pay Pal Accepted

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                          Created by Kat and/or Kathleen Nygren is not responsible for injury or loss of life due to misuse of this product including leaving children or animals unattended with this toy.


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