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This is an ever expanding page of links. 

 Links to homepages, nutrition, health, and information related to our Boxers. 

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Home Pages for Boxer Lovers


R and G Boxers

Heart B Miniatures  

We-R Boxers   

Liebsthal Kennel


All breed dog information website

The Wonderful World of Sidy Boy-for the love of the breeds
All Breed Dog Information Website
Worldwide Reputable breeder referral
all breed & breed specific rescue directory
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    If you need a pedigree, this is a great place to get one.

    Pedigree Generator for your Website

    Boxer on line Data Base

Groups and Clubs

    American Kennel Club

     American Boxer Club

   Northwoods Boxer Club- Minnesota

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Boxer Friends    A great place to be.


 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Liebsthalkennel/     Group of White Boxer Friendly People.


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